Clearly thin the exact spot you aim for, to get a fine and sharp finish. The handle has a new balance design, for a superior sense of stability.

Cut ratio : regular/30~35% reverse/30~35%
Material : Extramarise II Cobalt Alloy
regular/30~35%Blade length : 61mm
[Bottom blade] Ring size:horizontally/15mm・vertically/20mm
[Top blade] Ring size:horizontally/17mm・vertically/18mm
Product number : #104438
reverse/30~35%Blade length : 61mm
[Bottom blade] Ring size:horizontally/15mm・vertically/20mm
[Top blade] Ring size:horizontally/17mm・vertically/18mm
Product number : #104439
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Further enhancing MIZUTANI’s standard thinning scissors

1. Balance that’s kind to your arm
<G-SHIFT/Wobble prevention function>
Our new G-SHIFT design concept brings the center of gravity closer to your hand while limiting the centrifugal force when opening and closing the scissors. In combination with the new handles that “stick” to your hand, this balance adjustment stabilizes the tips of the blades, thereby preventing the wobble that would otherwise hinder cutting.
The handles of the SOLID help prevent your arms from feeling tired!
2.Pinpoint thinning
<A redesigned comb blade edge>
The straight tooth design of the comb blade allows you to thin precisely where you aim, while the leaf-shaped blade line realizes a perfectly smooth release. With these design features, the SOLID Thinning is the perfect tool for applying soft nuances to the tips.
3.Power and longevity
<EXTRAMARISE® treatment>
To get the most out of the materials, MIZUTANI applies a special hardening method (EXTRAMARISE® treatment) under strict temperature controls. This gives the scissors the necessary hardness and strength.
The structure of the SOLID stands out because of its density.
4.Ultra-smooth movement, freeing you from fatigue
<Thrust bearing>
With its bearing containing nine precision balls, the screw plays the important role of connecting the blades and the handles, giving the scissors a smooth, flowing movement.
Thrust bearing
<Thrust bearing>
5.A leaf-shaped blade that’s kind to users
<Leaf-shaped cutting blade>
By spreading the cutting timing of each tooth, the resistance during cutting is reduced. This in turn reduces the burden on your hands and arms.
EXTRAMARISE® is a proprietary heat treatment ideally suited for haircutting scissors that was developed by MIZUTANI based on long years of accumulated data and experience. The same steel material can have totally different performance depending on the heat treatment used. Therefore, to maximize the special qualities of the rare metals (cobalt, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.) we’ve added to our products to the greatest extent possible, and achieve the ideal metal for scissors, (*hardening, tempering, sub-zero processing) and other complete temperature management procedures are essential. To bring out the distinct characteristics of materials, and manufacture a blade with the ultimate strength required for haircutting scissors, we at MIZUTANI have implemented our own proprietary heat treatment using the ideal temperature for scissors: EXTRAMARISE® processing.
These are small, precision metal ball bearings with excellent axial load-bearing ability. Due to their design, which enables radial load-bearing as well, scissors open and close smoothly, which both lessens burden on the hands and contributes to a long cutting life. With anti-rust properties and durability as a matter of course, these bearings are a Japanese-made product.
The handles are so designed that they look nonmetallic, alive and organic. You may feel some warmth from the three-dimensional, twisted handles, and once touched, you would not like to part them from your hand.
Compact and easy to turn, this is a flat type driver for UFO screws. This screwdriver is included with all scissors with the mark shown.
* BLACK-SMITH® is registered trademark of MIZUTANI SCISSORS in Japan.