What is “cutCamp” ?

  • Seminar time: 1 hour
  • One-on-one private lesson by ZOOM
  • Select 1 from 3 courses applicable to all skill levels.
* Doll head and model will not be used at the seminar.
* Interpreter is not included.
Stephen Moody cutCamp
►Outline of the 3 courses
How to make your Mizutani Stephen Moody scissors, “a simple extension of one’s hand…”, includes scissor control, unique features of the scissors, hand and thumb exercises, scissor palming. Include tips and tricks on sectioning hair and body positions.
Transformational Hair
An insight into Stephen Moody’s Hair transformation photographic collection. Inspiring looks that can transform salon customers as well as creating motivation and imagination for hair collections and social media posts.
Transformational Hair
An Inspirational Journey
A journey with Stephen through his 42+ year career as an award winning haircutter, international educator and industry leader.
An Inspirational Journey

How to apply cutCamp

1. Received delivery of the scissors
2. Apply for cutCamp
3. After the application
4. Enjoy cutCamp!
5. Diploma is issued.