A genius tool that works great for cuts as well as for thinning. Recommended for hair volume adjustment and scissors over comb.

Cut ratio : reverse/30~40%
Material : Extramarise I Cobalt Alloy
reverse/30~40%Blade length : 63mm
[Bottom blade] Ring size:horizontally/18mm・vertically/21mm
[Top blade] Ring size:horizontally/19mm・vertically/20mm
Product number : #104236

PUFFIN is an all-round player that can be used in many situations.

In addition to blunt and thin cuts, the scissors can be used for slide cuts and stroke cuts, making them all-purpose scissors. These scissors are packed full of various powers. The scissors are shaped glamorously as a result of natural design and each part has been made slender or thick as necessary. By eliminating the unnecessary parts to make them useful all-round, the resulting scissors look like a bird in the natural world.
EXTRAMARISE® is a proprietary heat treatment ideally suited for haircutting scissors that was developed by MIZUTANI based on long years of accumulated data and experience. The same steel material can have totally different performance depending on the heat treatment used. Therefore, to maximize the special qualities of the rare metals (cobalt, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.) we’ve added to our products to the greatest extent possible, and achieve the ideal metal for scissors, (*hardening, tempering, sub-zero processing) and other complete temperature management procedures are essential. To bring out the distinct characteristics of materials, and manufacture a blade with the ultimate strength required for haircutting scissors, we at MIZUTANI have implemented our own proprietary heat treatment using the ideal temperature for scissors: EXTRAMARISE® processing.
Compact and easy to turn, this is a flat type driver for UFO screws. This screwdriver is included with all scissors with the mark shown.
* BLACK-SMITH® is registered trademark of MIZUTANI SCISSORS in Japan.