cosine mini DAMA LAYERS

The shorter handles than the existing cosine improve maneuverability. The oval part placed at the center makes the tool round and better fit to the hand. The handling utilizes unique ripple pattern of DAMA, multi layer steel.

Blade length : 57.5mm
Ring size : horizontally/18mm・vertically/22mm
Product number : #104615
NEW cosine mini
Introducing a “MINI” size cosine can be selected from 3 materials!
cosine mini
Art Craft Collection
Cosine is now available in a “MINI” size. It cuts hair by using its weight, and expresses three elements of the hairstyle “length, composition, and texture” at the same time with overwhelming speed without damaging hair. The oval parts in the middle section maintain weight balance and enable incomparable operability with other razors. The beautiful oval parts are handcrafted one by one and you will be filled with pride and enjoy on holding them.
NEW cosine mini
Faster, easier to use, and cleaner cuts than ever before.
cosine makes it possible.
Point.1 Faster
[ Triple role ]
You can take care of all 3 elements length, structure, and texture with just one tool.
[ Cut with just its weight ]
No damage to hair, because it cuts with just the weight of the body.
[ Easy changing ]
The next-generation magnetic holding system enables quick blade changing.
Point.2 Easier to use
[ Four different grips ]
Easy to control “cut, volume, thin” only changing the razor holding position.
[ Center of gravity in hand ]
When gripping it with the weight centered in your hand, it gives solid control for precise cutting.
[ Principle of pendulum ]
Because we’ve purposefully moved the center of gravity outward, the razor swings smoothly back and forth like a pendulum.
Point.3 Cleaner cuts
[ Nuance in hair ends ]
Gives a soft finishing touch to hair, for ends like the tip of a brush.
[ Multi-talented ]
Can be used for a variety of effects, widening the breadth of techniques at your disposal.
[ Even works for short ]
Gives a soft finish even for short haircuts and men’s hair.
NEW cosine mini
The smooth coating blade takes care of hair.
FEATHER Styling Blade
FEATHER Safety Razor Co., Ltd.
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FEATHER Styling Blade Cuts softly and smoothly,
giving your customers peace of mind.
< Feedback from Testers >
· It cuts so smoothly, like a flowing stream!
· The feeling of it striking the hair is soft.
· I could tell the blades are sharp and the razor is built to last.
· This razor cuts quietly, and with a smoother feeling. (Compared to a FEATHER)
* We recommend using blades for 1 customer each before changing to a new one.
The magnetic holding system enables easy blade changing.
blade changing
The handles are so designed that they look nonmetallic, alive and organic. You may feel some warmth from the three-dimensional, twisted handles, and once touched, you would not like to part them from your hand.
* Source of the product name, cosine: A cosine is a trigonometric function. The name was chosen due to the triangular shape the product forms through its pendulum movement.
* We recommend using blades for 1 customer each before changing to a new one.
* cosine® is registered trademark of MIZUTANI SCISSORS in Japan.