By using Nano Powder Metal, lightness and slimness makes them perfect for delicate work, like around the face, nape line, and cut lines for bob styles.

Size : 5.5INCH 6.0INCH
Material : Nano Powder Metal
5.5INCHBlade length : 55mm
[Bottom blade] Ring size:horizontally/18mm・vertically/20mm
[Top blade] Ring size:horizontally/17mm・vertically/20mm
Product number : #104446
6.0INCHBlade length : 62mm
[Bottom blade] Ring size:horizontally/18mm・vertically/20mm
[Top blade] Ring size:horizontally/17mm・vertically/20mm
Product number : #104447
Perfectly fits to women’s hand! “Airy debut” Slimmer, Lighter, Stronger
Slim Precision Cut
Usually a blade this slim would not be able to stand up to hair, but by using Nano Powder Metal, we have created scissors that are slim but a tough rival for hair. Their slimness makes them perfect for delicate work that would be difficult with thicker scissors, like around the face, nape line, and cut lines for bob styles.
Light 17% Light-Weighting

Surprisingly Lightweight, When You Hold It
It’s too Late after Tendovaginitis

An unexpectedly large number of women stylists find scissors to be heavy and difficult to use, and quite a few of them struggle with tendovaginitis. The weight of the scissors becomes an important point for finding their own perfect pair. The ACRO Z Airy is a full 17% lighter than the regular ACRO Z, so even women can cut for a long period of time without their hands feeling tired.
A comparison of the handles width of ACRO Z and ACRO Z Airy
Easy to Hold Even Women

Perfectly Fits to Women’s Hand

Women’s hands are on average about 15mm smaller than men’s hands, so a regular handle puts more of a burden on their hand when opening and closing. By making the handle width 5mm smaller, these scissors are easier to open and close, put less of burden on the hand.
ACRO ZとACRO Z Airyのハンドル幅の比較
Strong Long-Lasting with Nano Powder Metal
Nano Powder Metal

“Long-Lasting Edge” with Nano Powder Metal Save on Sharpening

We’ve created a slim and lightweight by using the strongest raw material: Nano Powder Metal. Highly durable and now more long-lasting, you don’t have to send these to be sharpened very often, great for busy people who don’t have time for sharpening. For women stylists who feel that the tools are heavy and tiresome, we also revised the design, to get the optimal weight balance for women stylists, to keep their hands from feeling worn out even after long periods of use.
Slim, lightweight, and highly maneuverable, you can comfortably use these scissors in almost any situation. We’ve also equipped the interior with highly durable precision ball bearings, so the smooth opening and closing sensation won’t put any burden on your hand. The ACRO Z Airy will bring out your best performance.
Scissors durability test
Nano Powder Metal USUBA
Nano Powder Metal USUBA
Our Nano Powder Metal®, made with the new HIP manufacturing method (Hot Isostatic Pressing), is steel fabricated from a fine powder at the nano level. The uniform-grained powder is hardened with high temperature and pressure tempering, essentially eliminating all filler and impurities, and this method is used in precision manufacturing items like Blu-ray disc molds, where high levels of purity are required. At MIZUTANI, in order to create the ideal hair-cutting scissors, we have conducted our own proprietary research with this material, and created scissors with blades that combine strength with a long cutting life and the ultimate sharpness.
These metal ball bearings are small, high precision items produced by a Japanese manufacturer. With superior anti-rust properties compared to foreign-made products, they have a high level of durability. By drastically reducing friction around the screws, they not only ensure smooth opening and closing of the scissors, lessening burdens on the hands, but also protect the edge from damage, contributing to long cutting life.
The handles are so designed that they look nonmetallic, alive and organic. You may feel some warmth from the three-dimensional, twisted handles, and once touched, you would not like to part them from your hand.
Compact and easy to turn, this is a flat type driver for UFO screws. This screwdriver is included with all scissors with the mark shown.
* ACRO® is registered trademark of MIZUTANI SCISSORS in Japan.
Nano Powder Metal is registered trademark of MIZUTANI SCISSORS in Japan.